Cameron's Story

If I wasn’t coming to the farm I’d probably still be kind of angry.  Because I was quite an angry kid when I was young.  I had a lot of anger building up in me and that.  But obviously coming here has changed me quite a lot.  

Being with the animals, it relaxes me and makes me feel more sociable with other people. I think it’s kind of like a therapy, working with animals. I dunno why, it’s hard to explain but I think it’s like a therapy kind of thing.

I do like the farm – I would like to come here again next year.  Ever since I started coming I’ve loved it.  It’s like a family at the farm, isn’t it?  It’s a good experience.

I most enjoy the horse riding and driving the buggy. I do a bit of sheep work, or cattle, and then afternoons if there’s a bit of cooking to be done then I do it.   I really want to move to Italy and be a chef.  

The main things that’s changed is my attitude towards people and my anger.  It wasn’t the best, my attitude, was it?   

What would I say to another student thinking of coming to the farm?  Get up here mate, you need to!