As the benefits of Longlands have become known amongst schools, pupil referral units and private clients, student numbers have grown steadily and we have outgrown our current catering and communal facilities.  We like to re-purpose things where possible and our current kitchen/dining room/boot room started life as a stable for the heavy horses which would have pulled the carts and ploughed the fields of Longlands. As mechanisation started to make farmers' lives easier in the early 20th Century the stable was coverted for use as a tractor maintenance workshop and we still call it 'the tractor shed' now.

We have decided now is the time to create a purpose built structure to be the future hub. It will be constructed to fit in with the farm surroundings, be energy efficient, warm, light and sustainable.

Using timber sourced from the estate, straw bales from one of our farming neighbours and cob render made from clay on the site, along with the moulted hair from our horses, we are going to build a unique, eco roundhouse. This will provide us with a great base to cook and eat lunch, complete coursework and somewhere warm and dry to shelter from the worst of the british weather. 

With new and expanded kitchen facilities we will be able to offer more formal catering qualifications.

Please have a look at the plans and drawings below to get a feel for our new build. If you would like to help us fund our new build. then click the link below to go to our Crowdfunder page.
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