What we do

At Longlands we re-engage young people in learning, helping them to build confidence and self esteem through vocational training and meaningful work. 

A Unique Learning Environment

Longlands is a 400 acre organic livestock farm set in the beautiful countryside of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire borders. We have pedigree Beef Shorthorn and Salers cattle, a flock of Lleyn sheep, ponies, pigs, poultry and working dogs.


Being on a real farm is very motivating for young people disengaged from mainstream education. The natural environment, combined with working with animals, is known to have a beneficial effect. Our therapeutic setting gives our students new experiences and opportunities that allow them to re-engage with their studies.

Watch a video featuring Longlands and other care farms here: 

"absolutely life changing"

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a real working farm

We can and do help young people to turn their lives around



  • Qualifications and work experience recognised by further education and employers

  • High staff to student ratio - normally 1:2, 1:1 available by arrangement

  • Mentoring and support

  • Increased self confidence and esteem

  • Developing social and practical life skills



  • Can be made at any stage in the school year

  • Can come through schools, professional support organisations or private individuals

  • Can start without delay as we have access to emergency funding while longer term placements are set up. 


Inspirational Leadership

Longlands is the vision of Julia Evans, its founder and CEO. Over a decade of operation she has been widely recognised as an extraordinary practitioner. In 2016 Julia was voted the national winner of the BBC Countryfile Farming Hero of the Year.

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