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The Roundhouse

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By 2017 we realised we were outgrowing the ‘Tractor Shed’, our original home in a converted Victorian stable.  So we have designed and built our own timber framed, straw bale and cob Eco-Roundhouse. 

Students, staff and volunteers have worked alongside carpenters at every stage, from felling and converting timber on the estate to ‘cobbing’ – applying the mud and horse-hair mix to the walls – adapting the kitchen fittings and painting the panels and balustrade.

The Roundhouse gives us:

  • An iconic building that truly belongs to the students

  • A warm, dry space for meeting, learning and sharing meals together

  • A well equipped kitchen for teaching cooking skills

  • A beautiful and enriching environment


Plans resized.jpg

Our patron Kit Harington

with staff and students and the plans for the Big Build

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