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A Typical Longlands Day

9.30 – 10.00  Arrival. 

  • Meet up for everyone in the Roundhouse

  • Drinks and snacks

  • Planning the day


Every day is different, and it changes with the seasons, so you might be:

On the farm

  • Driving the ‘buggy’, our All Terrain Vehicle,

  • Checking the stock, taking hay to cows or sheep outside

  • Helping to set up sheep handling equipment and vaccinate lambs


Back at base in the Roundhouse

  • Tending the guinea pigs

  • Helping to prepare lunch

  • Art/craft sessions


Lunch break

  • We share home cooked, often home-grown food

  • Or you can bring your own lunch if you prefer


Mechanics and Fabrication

  • Learning motor maintenance

  • Repairing farm machinery and equipment

  • Working on a construction project


With the Ponies

  • Grooming and tacking up

  • Practising riding skills, often checking livestock around the farm

  • Pony care, bathing, clipping and tack cleaning


2.30 - Day’s End

  • We all do a short reflective record  of the day


Please contact us for more information about what to expect

We welcome exploratory visits

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