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Cameron's story

I came here because of a behaviour thing from school.  I come once a week, every Tuesday.  It gives me a break about halfway through the week.


My behaviour at school was …. it's not like bad things, it's just constant calling out, speaking or whatever.  I've got an after school detention or something, for eating in class.  I’m not going to say ‘No, I don’t argue.’  Depends what it’s about! Depending on what the reason is, for some of the teachers I'll argue back for the fact that it's stupid things.  I’m not naughty, just low level disruption.

“I’m not naughty, just low level disruption.”

I've got ADHD tablet medication    I'm on the highest dose and then it really messes up your appetite. So I struggle with it. I've lost quite a bit of weight.   I found out about the ADHD last year. 


It's been good actually because they use behaviour points in school.   I think last year I was one of the highest in the year, because I was on 200 odd. That's bad behaviour. Points are bad.   I think I was over 200 by this time last year.  This year I’m on 30.  I would have thought medication definitely helped.   


And coming here helps.  One: there’s less time to be told off.   Two: it gives me a bit of a break.  It's only Monday down there and then I come here. I go back on Wednesday, and on Friday, I go to Frank P. Matthews at Tenbury, with a couple of other kids.


When I’m here, it's being outside, being able to move around. I’m in the workshop, I prefer that to just sitting down and writing in silence for six hours, if you know what I mean. I’m not brilliant just sitting still at the desk. When I'm here there's a bit more freedom.

“I like driving the buggy, too.  Driving’s cool.”

I'll spend all my time here up with Matt.  Whatever’s happening up there, I’m doing: woodwork and mechanics.  I'd rather do that than work with animals.  I like driving the buggy, too.  Driving’s cool.


The tutors here, you can joke a bit more.  Whereas in school if you try to make a joke it’s instant told off.  Tons of consequences because you made a joke that somebody can’t take.  Obviously here you’re still doing work and whatnot.  It's not as if you’re just sat about all day.  But you can still have a laugh with the people.  Whereas at school if you say something, you get an after school detention or isolation.


There’s trust, here, and obviously you respect them.

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